artworks are a wonderful combination of graphic techniques in the old tradition with observations of the modern material world. They express new content and meanings through the old style.


The series of etchings titled "Around" is dedicated to various objects that surround us in our everyday life.


These objects and shapes are united by a principle through which man imitates and learns from nature, and discovers the outside world. Indeed, people themselves seek this principle in various phenomena. We often borrow the mechanisms that operate in nature in artistic creations. This principle of creation and life was represented especially clearly in mandalas. These are ritual images that the ancient Oriental science of Tantra used to explain the various vital forces, the energies that make up the driving force of our thoughts and actions. Zavalnyi's theory was that even everyday objects embody this principle, since they are inseparable from our mind and body, and are the continuation and expression of any desire and action.



was born in 1985 in Kyiv. In 2008 he graduated from the Publishing and Printing Institute of the Kyiv National Technical University of Ukraine for qualified graphic artist. He works in different graphic technics such as etching, lithography and some others.


Misha lives and works between Kyiv and Paris.