represents the Transcarpathian school of painting, which is known for its strong and exquisite traditions. It is based on a mix of Western European painting style of the early 20th century and local aesthetic ideas. "For a significant period of time, the works of Transcarpathians painters were united in aiming by gravitation towards decorativeness, as well as by the principle of realistic painting and a complex paradigm of relations to the native art of the Carpathians region”. (Lyudmila Biksey, art critic).


Tremba transforms the customs of the Transcarpathian school of art using modern techniques. 

Even the most abstract Tremba's works always appeal to corporeality and sexuality. But this "sex" isn't sexual. Subtext in Tremba's pieces is just polemicizing about the physical nature of artwork itself.


The exhibition is hold with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy in Switzerland.



was born in 1980. In 1999 he graduated from Uzhhorod College of Arts named after. A. Erdeli. In 2005 he graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts.


In 2010 his series of works “To the Father's Farm" was awarded with the Grand Prix of the third International Graphic Arts Exhibition “Art-Line" in Minsk, Belarus.


Ruslan lives and works in Uzhgorod.